Beautiful little moments of chaos (infinitystorm) wrote,
Beautiful little moments of chaos

lately at last

i am thinking about something everlasting, my purpose? what was i made for what was i brought here to do? my desire is to touch people somehow, make them see what this is for what it is. just simple life. enjoy it to its fullest, but in the process do i have a destiny? was i created to love or change the world for evil or good? to create a work of art that would inspire? i feel moved to do something, so some days i stretch and i bend at my desk and think for just one second how i have lived thus far, the way that i see the world. people say i am quiet sometimes but other times i find myself bubbly and eccentric, i feel like i see things, that i know things that they cannot possibly know. they walk blind, deaf to so many possibilities. stop and see what is out there beyond the realm of physicality, to create something everlasting such as an intelligent curious child or a piece of writing that will shape the way that man moves about his universe. in one blink you can see, what lays in the stars beyond, predicting and shaping the decisions and supernatural occurrences that occur around you. treasure it, for these are the things that shape what lays beyond the realm of human thinking.
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