Beautiful little moments of chaos (infinitystorm) wrote,
Beautiful little moments of chaos

smell the air.

i just put my eyebrow ring back in, i can't stop looking at this picture of me from when i was in france. it is gorgeous and it makes me yearn again for my lipring and the black hair, those raining shining days when time was different and more challenging, and influencing. i saw my power on people, those dark curls had the power to seduce.

it was imbedded in our minds, it started with the tattoos and the hitchhiking, the grandness of taking control of the way i moved and breathed. i defined myself and my existence in a breath, the breath was my very definition, no more repetitive lifestyle and denial of inner consciouness and right. freedoms don't abound in the grand systems they have contrived.

the pain aches in my eyebrow but it only allows me to see more vivid whispers of the future in store, teach all the children how to speak and give them their breath back....
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You have and probably always will be the most influential person in my life. You're the one who encouraged me to write....told me it was okay to act the way I do....supported me when my parents told me I was always stood by me and let me believe and know it was okay for me to be me. Keep writing always it's beautiful.