Beautiful little moments of chaos (infinitystorm) wrote,
Beautiful little moments of chaos

the end?

i remember people telling me once that this journal would eventually amount to nothing and disappear into obscurity. They didnt mean my writing was horrible but that this phase of expression would soon pass as i neared the end of college. they called it a college phenomenon and while i dont doubt that statement when i look back on the vast amount of expression and writing i did in this journal i am proud of my 4 years (or nearly 4 years) of dedication to this journal. it represented who i was at that point in my life. it carried me through london and hard times. i guess the question is will i abandon the journal completely when i get a job and enter the ever allusive 'real world'? i can say and i can claim that i will never stop writing here but i think i have realized that perhaps there arent enough hours nor enough sleep in my schedule to fulfill that promise. i even have a hard time now between school and work and barry. i remember the days when my computer was never turned off and now it is never on, partly due to the fact that it is infected with a million viruses.

i know that many of you use this journal as a connection to my life, to keep yourselfs knowledgeable in my life happenings. I dont want to abandon that aspect, but i find it hard to just report my life in a few simple sentences. i can hardly understand how people write things like, i ate lunch it was a hamburger then i went to class and it was boring. well that type of writing is boring. so this is my promise to you, my readers, i will try to be a part of my journal more often and i will try to keep up its spirit. my hope is that you havent abandoned me as a writer and friend.
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