Beautiful little moments of chaos (infinitystorm) wrote,
Beautiful little moments of chaos

school's in session

i got so used to the grind of working and not doing anything else, sleeping and running errands now i actually have work. i feel happy i get to think again but when school is over i wont have to deal with this anymore, i like school dont get me wrong but i am so tired of it again. i want to have a job and a life. i noticed something about myself, i get into this pattern of choosing guys that have problems, they all have addictions or things they cant beat.

last night i wondered, can i turn a boy into a man?

i wont marry a guy who doesnt have his shit straight i just cant and the more that a boy does these things to piss me off the more distant i become. i think he knows this and i think he is going to attempt to be better about his problems hopefully
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